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Natural Vitamin C (from Amla) & Zinc Orally Disintegrating Tablets

Zinvita, a perfect combination of Natural Vitamin C (from Amla) & Zinc helps improve immunity, strengthen the respiratory system and relieve you from cold & cough.


Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C, that helps boost your immunity levels, metabolism & prevents from viral and bacterial ailments, Whereas Zinc is an essential element that helps regulates your immune system.

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Dosage and administration

Once daily, everyday

  • As the coronavirus has spread rapidly across the globe, it is important to take note of the approaches that can help prevent and fight infections, particularly viral infections. Evidence suggests that viral infections are one of the world’s greatest public health challenges. Today, we understand that opting for a healthy lifestyle; practicing good hygiene & social distancing play a key role in protecting ourselves and others from contracting the virus and slowing the spread.

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  • Our immune system is the main line of protection we have against infectious microbes. It works round the clock to keep us healthy and disease-free. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle help maintain your immune system. On the other hand, things like stress, sedentary lifestyle and excess intake of alcohol can negatively affect your immunity, making you prone to infections. Given the current situation, many of us have had to evaluate the status of our health - those with a weaker immune system have shown to be worse affected by COVID-19. If you’ve often wondered how your immune system is doing as well, here are four signs to look out for that could indicate a weak immune system.

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  • Zinc is an essential mineral that our body cannot make itself, which means we have to obtain it from our diet or through supplements.
    There have been hundreds of studies investigating zinc for the common cold. The theory is that zinc could inhibit the binding of the cold virus to cells within the nasal mucosa and suppress inflammation. Although there have been conflicting results, overall, zinc appears to be beneficial in certain forms or circumstances.

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  • During these critical times, we are all supposed to protect ourselves from the virus and other ailments by not only practicing social distancing, but also strengthening our immunity. Various factors like healthy eating, hygienic habits, exercising, maintaining good emotional and mental health, and having adequate sleep can have a positive impact on our immune system.

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