Role of Vitamin C in Reducing Risk of Coronavirus.

There are various ways in which vitamin C helps your immune system.


It promotes growth of lymphocytes that are white blood cells containing antibodies. These immune cells attack foreign substances that invade your body and try to affect it.


Vit. C has been found to improve the activity of phagocytes, that are immune cells capable of swallowing harmful pathogens.


It has anti-oxidant properties that help in reducing and preventing inflammation which is a known factor behind a weak immune function.

Role of Zinc in Reducing Risk of Coronavirus

  • This essential micro-nutrient helps in cell growth and its survival.

  • Zinc acts as a messenger for immune system.

  • It functions as an intra-cellular signal molecule for body’s defense cells.

  • It also reduces level of cytokines, chemicals that are harmful for body.

  • Zinc helps in boosting production of infection fighting cells (WBC and T cells).